Case hardening steels

What kind of case hardening steels does AUSA work with?

AUSA works different grades of case hardening steels. The properties, applications, chemical composition, equivalent standards, heat treatments and dimensions vary depending on the grade chosen.

Case hardening steels - AUSA Special Steels

Steels with a carbon content normally lower than 0,30 % to be case hardened achieving a high surface hardness. Core tensile strength goes from 600-1200 N/mm2.

They are steels with great shock resistance, tenacity and wear resistance.

Their most common applications are the manufacturing of pinions, gearbox shafts, shafts, differential crowns, high speed gears, safety bolts, bolts, cams, speed gear boxes, plunger rods, stubs, reducers and pieces for industrial and agricultural vehicles.

AUSA works with renowned steel mills, thus ensuring the highest quality of the case hardening steels offered.