About AUSA

We are a company founded in 1957 in Vitoria, specialising in the distribution of special steelsrolled steels and forged steels – and in the manufacture of cold drawn steels.


In the 1980s, at AUSA we began our domestic expansion and established our warehouses for the supply of special steels throughout Spain, offering our services and products to the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

In 1993, we opened our first cold drawing plant in Vitoria, and 1996 took our first international steps with the opening of our cold drawing plant in Liège (Belgium).

In 2014, we inaugurated the warehouse and cold drawing plant for the supply of special steels in Galati (Romania).

Nowadays, our company continues its growth and consolidation, extending our range of products, cutting services and transport, and supplying special steels in global markets.

Warehouse - AUSA Special Steels

More than 55 years of experience in the field of special steels back our presence in the market. Since we began our activity we have always been driven by one fundamental idea: to perfect the sale of special steels. This was our objective and is still our daily commitment in our work.

We know that to fulfil it well, we must need to base ourselves on three fundamental pillars:

  • Specialisation in quality steels.
  • Proximity to our customers in space and time.
  • Professionalism of our human team.


Our rolled and forged steels include carbon steels, quenching and tempering alloyed steels, case hardening steels, seamless tube, bearing steels, spring steels, cold work tool steels, hot work tool steels, free cutting steels, stainless steels and boron steels.

At the same time, our cold drawn steels include free cutting cold drawn steels, carbon cold drawn steels and stainless cold drawn steels.



At AUSA, quality and continuous improvement are essential components of customer satisfaction. Therefore, we work every day to improve the efficiency and quality of our company.

As a result of this process, AUSA is certified in the quality management system of the standard ISO 9001:2015.



To adapt to such heterogenous scenarios, at AUSA we have a highly qualified human team with extensive experience in the sector. Currently, our team consists of professionals in the sales, logistics, production, maintenance, quality, purchasing, marketing, human resources, systems and financial areas.

AUSA is independent and we are oriented towards our customers, guaranteeing the best quality and service when the customer needs it.



We work for customers in different sectors: automotive, machine-tool, forging, free cutting, moulding, agriculture, aeronautics, public works, etc. offering homogenous quality materials and immediate service.

Our variety of customers require a strict quality system, a constant quest to find the best materials and immediate service, for which, at AUSA we have our own fleet of trucks, railway connection and docks for loading and unloading ships.